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A little more about me:

So here's the whole story on me! I have been creating and teaching art for many, many years! I love it!

I studied and received my BA in art studio at Coastal Carolina University. An art studio degree is very fitting for me because I can not make up my mind on what kind of art I want to do forever and always. I am what I like to call a Jack of All Trades kind of artist. I love them all, so I try to do them all. Painting, photography, crafting, building, you name it, I do it!


I love to share my joy for art. I believe that everyone is an artist and that no one should say they can't do art. What a thing to say! Everybody can be a creative soul and be moved to make art. No matter their background, age, or where they are in life. Art is for everyone! Just start creating, even if it means to start throwing paint on canvas. See where the vision takes you! 


So that is my philosophy. For the love of art, you can be as creative and imaginative as you wish! 

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