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A little more about me:

So here's the whole story on me! I have been creating and teaching art for many, many years! I love it!

I studied and received my BA in art studio at Coastal Carolina University. An art studio degree is very fitting for me because I can not make up my mind on what kind of art I want to do forever and always. I am what I like to call a Jack of All Trades kind of artist. I love them all, so I try to do them all. Painting, photography, crafting, building, you name it, I do it!


I also love to teach. I believe that everyone is an artist and that no one should say they can't do art. What a thing to say! Everybody can be a creative soul and be moved to make art. No matter their background, age, or where they are in life. Art is for everyone! I love to teach this love of art to anyone that asks. If you want to learn a new medium and aren't sure, well I can help develop that love of art.


So that is my philosophy. For the love of art, you can be as creative and imaginative as you wish! 

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